JV & Varsity

Fast Break House League

Start: January 11th     

End: March 4th


Game Times: 5pm-9pm

League Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Cost is per team. 
  • No practice times will be provided/associated with this league. 

  • Additional Practice time at a discounted team rate of $40 an hour is available

  • Players MUST be 18 years old or younger, still in high school. 

  • Teams registering as a school team must provide their own uniforms or pay $15/pp for a league tshirt 

  • Each team must have a coach who is 21+ 

  • The Coach CANNOT be a player. 


Cost: $500



Mondays 5pm-9pm

Boys and Girls Varsity (11th-12th)

Wednesdays 5pm-9pm

Boys and Girls JV (9th-10th)

Thursdays 5pm-9pm

Coed Modified (6th-8th)

Team Rules:

  1. Each player Temperatures will be checked upon entering facility
  2. Each players is allowed 2 guest per game
  3. Each player must be registered before he/she can play
  4. Each team must have 4 players present to begin game
  5. Team Roster of 12
  6. 6 personal fouls 
  7. 10 team fouls = bonus 
  8. 2 technicals subject to suspension 
  9. Players must play at least half season to qualify for playoffs
  10. 2 forfeits/no shows will result in disqualification of playoffs
  11. Players/Coaches are not allowed to yell at referees; direct complaints and frustrations to the League Director Rashard McGill at rashard@rocfastbreak.com  

League Rules


  • Two (2) twenty (20) minute halves running clock.
    • Clock stops at the last (1) minute of the first half.
    • Clock stops for the last (2) minutes of the second half.
    • 30 sec shot clock
    • All Overtime periods will be (2) minute stop clock.

Time-outs: Each team will receive 3 time-outs per game that they may use at any time. Each team will receive an additional time-out per overtime.

FOULS: These foul rules apply during the running clock segment.

Covid Health & Safety Precautions and Guidelines

The following are the health and safety precautions and protocols relating to COVID-19 that will be in place and enforced during events hosted by/at the above-mentioned organizations:

  • Players, coaches, referees and spectators will be participating at their own risk.
  • Liability release waivers will be completed by all coaches, players (minors and over 18), referees and returned PRIOR to the tournament.
  • Liability release waivers will be completed by spectators prior to entry into the facility.
  • Temperature checks will be taken for all spectators, coaches, players, referees and volunteers upon entering the facility.
  • Social distancing will be enforced
  • Teams will enter the facility at a designated time prior to their scheduled game and will exit then facility immediately after the completion of their game.
  • No handshakes between teams before/after each game.
  • Spectators will be distanced when viewing games.
  • Masks are mandatory and will be worn at all times covering the nose and mouth of all spectators over the age of 2, coaches, scorekeepers, and volunteers 
  • Only players will be exempt from wearing a mask unless a medical condition is present. 
  • Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the facility and encouraged to be used.
  • Games will be staggered to provide appropriate social distancing.
  • Team benches will be sanitized between games.
  • Players will NOT be able to bring in their own balls.
  • Game balls will be provided by Fast Break Sports and sanitized as appropriate during and between games.
  • Electronic whistles will be used by the referees.


  • Will not be permitted to share equipment.
  • Will not be permitted to share drinks, etc.
  • Mouth guards (if used) must be worn at ALL times during the game and while on the bench.
  • Appropriate distancing will be maintained while on the bench. 

Fast Break Sports will be monitoring the facility and event and addressing anyone that is not in compliance with the health and safety guidelines.

Anyone not adhering to the above and other health and safety guidelines, may be asked to leave the facility.