Our developmental basketball skills sessions focus on the fundamentals and skills of basketball.

 Basketball training sessions offer a healthy mix of individual skill development along with drills to develop proper ball handling, shooting, reading the defense, angles to attack, and proper footwork. 

Properly taught basketball fundamentals allow our youth athletes to compete successfully at higher levels of play. Our basketball training staff has over 25 years of experience coaching from beginners to developing players at a high level of play and will be able to determine where each player is at, where they are going to be, and how to get them to the next level. Below are the details of each level

For private one on one training please contact Rashard at to discuss options that will be best for your athlete.

  • Shooting Training
  • Shot Selection
  • Ball Handling
  • Finishing Moves
  • Attacking the rim training
  • Strength Training
  • Speed Training
  • Vertical Training

Our partner training sessions include 2 to 4 participants maximum at a time. Different basketball players train in different ways, and the best workout programs emphasize what works for you. However, every player can benefit from partner training. If you’re a beginning or intermediate player looking to improve, it’s a good idea to link up and consider partner training.
*You must bring your own partner

Email Rashard at to schedule a session. 

Team Workouts 

Fast Break Sports offers elite team training and team camps. You can bring your team to us or we can travel to your team.  We can do a great team session in one day for 3-5 hours or multiple day sessions.  The skills covered can be left up to the coach or we can cover one or all of the following below:

  • Ball-handling 
  • Negative Movements
  • Finishing
  • Moving without the Ball
  • Shooting Drills and Mechanics
  • Post and Perimeter Work
  • 2 Man Game Basketball
  • Triple Threat 
  • Offensive Footwork
  • Passing vs Pressure
  • Defensive Work
  • Team Chemistry and Leadership
  • And Much More

To schedule a team workout, contact Rashard at 

Fast Break Sports is proud to implement the VERTIMAX training system into our Program. The VERTIMAX is simply the most advance all-sport lower body training system in the world, currently used by hundreds of collegiate, NFL, NBA, MLS and MLB teams. 

Exercise physiologists now agree the best way to increase speed and acceleration is through a new and separate type of training call Low-Load, Velocity-Specific Training, and the VERTIMAX is the most effective Low Load High Speed Training System ever designed.

The VERTIMAX enables our Fast Break athletes to perform sports specific training motions such as jumping, lunges, foot drills, blocking, catching, passing, throwing, kicking and spiking. 

The training is performed under constant and balanced exercise resistance. Fast Break athletes are consistently improving their vertical jump and first step quickness. Our athletes truly look forward to every time they step onto the VERTIMAX training system.